Total Tailwheel, LLC

Tailwheel flight instruction in Stow, Massachusetts


Are you looking for something different? How about flight training in a beautiful, hangared, fully restored tailwheel airplane? N3472C, our 1954 Cessna 170B, offers the look, sound and feel of the 1940s - with a modern instrument panel for when the weather turns sour.

Why Choose N3472C?

Authentic Tailwheel Experience
Master the art of flying with a direct, hands-on approach that connects you with the aircraft in a way that tricycle gear airplanes can't match.
Modern Avionics
Classic doesn't have to mean outdated. N3472C is equipped with the latest navigational, communication, and transponder technology to ensure a safe and efficient flying experience. She's equipped for both VFR and IFR, day and night operations.
Great for Exploring New England
Tailwheel airplanes excel in short-field, grass, and turf operations, giving you the versatility to explore a variety of airports while you train.
Stepping Stone to Your Own Taildragger
If you're considering purchasing your own tailwheel airplane, flying with us is a great way to build and hone your skills before you take the plunge. Insurance companies like to see plenty of tailwheel hours. Why keep flying a 172 or Cherokee if that's not the direction you want to go?
Based at a GA-friendly Airport
N3472C is based at Minute Man Air Field in Stow, MA. Minute Man is a gem of general aviation, featuring friendly pilots, budget-friendly fuel prices, and a restaurant on the field.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Garmin 650 Nav/Comm:
Touch-screen, WAAS, GPS nav/comm ensures precise and reliable navigation on every flight. A Garmin GNC 255 adds redundancy for comms, VOR and LOC/ILS.
Dual Garmin 275 Attitude Indicator + HSI:
Experience enhanced situational awareness with these cutting-edge flight instruments, combining traditional pilotage with modern digital displays and built-in battery backup. GPS, Nav 1 and Nav 2 are all selectable on the HSI, along with bearing pointers for each one.
Garmin GTX 345 Transponder
A fully modern transponder with ADS-B in and out.
IFR Capability:
N3472C is equipped for Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) flying, allowing you to train in a wider range of weather conditions and scenarios.
LED Lighting
Visibility is an important component of safe flying. N3472C is equipped with LED landing, taxi, navigation, and beacon lights to ensure you're seen and safe.

What Training is Available?

You've finished your primary training and you're a private pilot. Now you're ready to take the next steps in your aviation journey, including:

  • Tailwheel endorsement
  • Instrument pilot
  • Commercial pilot
  • CFI
  • ... and beyond

How much does it cost?

Airplane rental: $190/hr wet
Flight hours are measured as Hobbs time. You will be invoiced by email bi-weekly, payable to Total Tailwheel, LLC. All major credit cards are accepted.
Only dual instruction and check rides are allowed by our insurance. Solo rental is not available; it's just not economically viable to insure the airplane for that.
Instruction - Matt Crane: $80/hr
Matt will invoice you directly for his services.

Who are we?

Kevin Gilpin, Owner

Kevin is the owner of Total Tailwheel. He learned to fly in 2017 and soon after he bought N3472C. Perhaps like you, he was looking for something different. N3472 offered him the opportunity to do a wide variety of flying, from short hops to the beach to cross-country trips to the mountains, VFR and IFR flying. Now, he's formed Total Tailwheel to offer you the opportunity to have the same opportunity. He's found N3472 to be a great teacher. She's fun, reliable, capable, and versatile. He hopes you'll enjoy flying her as much as he does.

Matt Crane, Instructor

Matt has been flying since 1984, when he took his first GA flight in a Royal Air Force DeHavilland Chipmunk. Fascinated with the smell of Avgas, oil and leather, and hypnotized by the old taildragger's sinuous taxiing, Matt was finally hooked on aviation when, 20 minutes later, he was introduced to aerobatics. Almost 10,000 hours of flight time later, he's an ATP rated instructor and check airman in the King Air, having flown most things from model airplanes, to paragliders, high performance gliders, aerobatic airplanes, through twin engine jet airliners. With over 5,000 hours of dual instruction given, he enjoys sharing his love for aviation in a wide gamut of piston and turboprop airplanes. Whenever possible, he prefers to return to basic stick and rudder flying in taildraggers, in which he has over 1,900 hours of fun-filled memories.

Where are we?

N3472C is based at Minute Man Air Field (6B6) in Stow, MA.
The airplane is located in hangar T2-1.


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Cessna 170 Owner's Manual
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